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Photo by Tom Grey

Shrikes of Joy

04/28/2019 01:00 PM - 05:00 PM PT


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Coyote Valley OSP


4 hour Big Sit led by Chuq von Rospach in Coyote Valley OSP. Click the button above to register for this team, or click the button to the right to donate.


Join us in a big sit in the new Coyote Valley Open Space Preserve for an afternoon of birds, talk, and teaching as we watch the birds in this beautiful location. Big sits are stationary watches so they are perfect for beginners and accessible to everyone. If you are new to birding or group outings, a big sit is the perfect way to get started. Coyote Valley OSP is a new area that is showing great promise for a wide variety of birds, so you have a chance to help us discover the possibilities of this location. Please note that you do not have to come for the whole big sit, stopping by for just an hour or two is more than fine.

This Birdathon team is open to the public, registrants are asked to either donate or fundraise a minimum of $50 (registration for participants 18 years or younger is $15) over the course of the Birdathon window in order to support SCVAS education programs.


Birding Level: Beginner

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