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Santa Clara County


24 hour team led by Bill Pelletier across the county. Click the button above to register, or the button to the right to donate to Birdathon.


Full day of intense birding with a fun and gregarious birding team, the Sharpies. We typically start early at Ed Levin and Marsh Rd, work our way across the bay to a west side hot-spot before heading down to Morgan Hill to finish off the day with south county birds, including owls. The team has been learning and birding together for the last three years and is open to participants of any level up to 20 people max. We will hold an (optional) warm-up day the Saturday 4/27/2019 before the big event on 5/4/2019.

This Birdathon team is open to the public, registrants are asked to either donate or fundraise a minimum of $50 (registration for participants 18 years or younger is $15) over the course of the Birdathon window in order to support SCVAS education programs.

Birding Level: Advanced

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